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Accordions Features

Each accordion is a separate post that is assigned to an accordions set (category).




Write each accordion as you would a post or a page adding media, formatting text and even using shortcodes within the accordion.




Have multiple accordion sets to display on one page, it’s easy with Accordions.  And, you can have different options for each accordion set (like different colored accordion sets).




Just install the Post Type Order Plugin from the WordPress Repository and easily change the order of accordions in your accordion set.


Customize the text and background colors for your Accordions Section.  Or, if you are displaying more than one set of Accordions on your page, different colors for each accordion set.




Click on an accordion, it opens, click on the next accordion in the section…you can have the previous accordion collapse back down (default) or have it stay open.


Creating and Displaying an Accordions Set

There are two ways to create a new accordion set category:

Through Accordion Sets under the Accordions Menu





Or you can create an Accordion Set when adding a new accordion







Accordions are easy to create.  Go to Accordions –> Add New Accordion





Now, give your Accordion a title and add your content.  You can add media, use shortcodes and style your text just like you were writing a post or page.

Select an Accordion Set or Sets the accordion belongs to.  You can also create a new Accordion Set here as well.



And, when you are done, click on Publish.

Add or edit a page that you want the Accordion Set to display.  Make sure the template has the Accordions Section active.  If you are changing the template under Page Attributes you need to either Save Draft or Publish for the template to change.  I’ve create a page and saved the draft with Template 4.




Scroll down to Pagelines Meta Settings and select Accordions



Select your Accordion Set and give it a title if you want.


There are other options but let’s publish our page and see what the Accordion Set looks like.


Options for Accordions Section

The first option is to select the accordion set to display in the section.




If you want to display more than one accordion set you can clone the Accordions Section in Pagelines –> Drag & Drop.

Optionally, you can title the Accordions Section.  This is helpful if you are displaying more than one Accordions Section on a page.


Accordions let’s you select the display order of your accordions in the accordion set or you can use the Post Type Order plugin and re-order your accordions in the order you want them to display.


By default an an accordion set, the open accordion will close when another is opened.  You can change this behavior by checking the box “Keep Accordion Open.”



For Accordion Sets that have long accordions there is an option to scroll the accordion to the top of the content.  The Accordion Sets on this page are long so scrolling is set. Useful for mobile devices!


Accordions is setup to display your accordion sets in a neutral gray color.


You can easily change the colors using color options





Here I am going to change the title text and title background colors.



The end result


Additional Directions

In order to have more than one Accordion Set on a page you need to clone the Accordions Section in your template.  This is also true if you want to have an Accordions Set in your sidebar or sidebar wrap.

To clone the Accordions Section go to Pagelines -> Drag & Drop and select the template where your Accordion Sets will be.



I’ve dragged the Accordion Section into my Active Sections and it is ready to be cloned.



To clone the section, click on Options then Clone.



Now you have Accordions and Accordions #2.



You can clone as many times as needed and the position the sections where you want in the template.


Now create a page using the template with the Accordions Sections active and scroll down to Pagelines Meta Settings. There you will see the Accordions Section and the clone(s) you created.  Here I have three on a page.



Each Accordions Section has its own options so you can have different colored accordions and such.



Accordions can also be in your sidebar and/or sidebar wrap.  It is important to use a clone of the Accordions Section if you have Accordions active on the template, otherwise the opening and closing behavior of the accordions will not work properly.

Go to Pagelines –> Drag & Drop and select the sidebar area you want your Accordions Section. Here Sidebar Wrap is selected.

Now drag Accordions into the Active Sections area and open the Options. Here I have placed in in Sidebar 1.



Now, clone the Accordions Section and then leave the cloned Accordions Section in the Active Sections and drag out the original Accordions Section.



Since I am already using 3 Accordions Sections on my site, the clone is Accordions #4.

To select the Accordions Set to display and the options go to Pagelines –> Page Options, click on Site Defaults and Accordions.



Now, select your Accordion Set and any options you want to change.  Your Accordions will now be in your sidebar.

You may want to display multiple accordion sets in your sidebar yet Pagelines –> Page Options only lets you select the default for one set.  To overcome this obstacle, go to a page using the Accordions Section and you will see your Accordions Clone also showing in Pagelines Meta Options.  There you can control the options even though it is not displayed on the page.


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